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So you want to
Become the next Faux Lord of Thornbridge?
Become the next Faux Lord of Thornbridge?
(And win prizes aplenty)
Here's how you
Step 1
Strike a suitably noble pose
Step 2
Share it with us @thornbridge
on Instagram using #Fauxlorditup
Step 3
In the comment box, introduce your Faux Lord
name & where you're the Faux Lord of e.g. 'Lord Marples of Thornbridge Hall'
This is what you could win
Sound good?
More stuff
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Then & Now

It’s over 100 years since George Marples ignored the fact he had no title and declared himself Lord Marples of Thornbridge Hall.

It’s 2017 and we need a new lord (or lordess) to take over the dynasty.