Astryd Cans Are Here!

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By: Jessica Low

Welcoming Astryd to our 440ml range

After many months of waiting to see this beer in can format and enjoy it from the comfort of my sofa, it got me back to thinking about the reason our 3.8% Juicy Pale Ale – Astryd, was really created.

It was at the back end of 2018 that I sat and spoke to our CEO and Co – Founder, Simon Webster. It had been another busy year at Thornbridge, particularly for cask sales and the one sales figure that stood out to me was just how much Wild Swan we had sold over the winter period.

Despite my own opinion of thinking it’s more of a summer beer, I loved drinking Wild Swan on cask as its 3.5% strength meant I could enjoy a few more than usual without ever getting too carried away! The issue was that I was now conflicted as we’d recently launched Green Mountain and its juicier hop bill was more to my liking. As Green Mountain was now part of the core range in can and keg I could drink it as much as I liked in our Thornbridge pubs or at home, but it had a slightly higher strength of 4.3%.

It got me thinking about a hybrid of the two beers as I’d always enjoyed going over to Manchester for work and at the end of a day supping a great cask beer such as “Pint” by Marble or “Sonoma” by Track. Inspired by the tropical flavour profiles and low ABV of these beers I spoke to our brew team to see what we could come up with.

This led to Astryd being created in February 2019. Originally in cask and then in keg in September of the same year, we wanted a great beer under 4% such as Wild Swan but with all the modern hop flavours of a beer like Green Mountain. The brew team were tasked with combining a great base session strength beer with a modern hop bill and so Astryd was born and has been firmly in our core range ever since.

Sitting nicely at 3.8% and packed full of juicy delicious hops such as Crystal, Mosaic and Citra and with a light cloudy appearance due to its unfined, Vegan friendly nature and a malt bill of Low Colour Maris Otter, Flaked Wheat and Wheat Malt. This really is a beer to be enjoyed whatever the weather and whatever the format and it has become a firm favourite in all our Thornbridge venues as well as fantastic venues such as Boozehound in Cutlery Works and Two Thirds Beer Co on Abbeydale Road. It’s been a great success for us, the only thing that was missing was cans…

All we needed was a crazy 2020 and here we are! One of my favourite beers is now in 440ml cans for you to enjoy at home and isn’t she a beauty! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

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