Beer My Valentine

Brewery News

By: Chloe Janes

What better way to finish off a fantastic Valentine’s Day menu than with beer and dessert!

Allott and Ice Cream

Our brand new and exciting Pink Lemonade Sour is all about strawberry and rhubarb, so I would suggest either a strawberry ice cream for a little extra complementary character, or go vanilla and allow the fruitiness of the beer to do all the talking. The sourness cuts brightly through the sweetness of the ice cream, contrasting but never overpowering. This works really well after a big main course as a bit of a palate cleanser.

Jaipur IPA and Carrot Cake

Our flagship IPA goes perfectly with carrot cake, this is about bringing a bit of contrast – the delicate bitterness of Jaipur helping to cut through the luxurious sweetness of the cake, particularly one with a healthy dose of frosting! The citrus character of the beer works really well in this pairing too.

The Heart Desires and Crème Brûlée

Our Gooseberry Barrel Aged Sour is a fantastic sharing beer to finish a meal, and works really well with Crème Brûlée. The caramelised shell brings a sweetness that dances perfectly across the tongue with this zesty sour, while the tangy gooseberry brings another dimension to the rich and creamy custard beneath.

Cocoa Wonderland

Our bold and flavoursome chocolate porter is really a dessert all by itself. If the main course was a filling one then I would suggest this as a perfect standalone course and a great sharing option as well at 6.8%