Don’t Talk Rubbish

Brewery News

By: Danny Janes

A large proportion of our production is now packaged in cans, bottles or mini kegs and is sold from our taproom, online shop, through local or independent shops or indeed the major supermarkets. One of the most common questions we get asked is about recycling this packaging, hopefully this will help!

How much of the packaging is made from recycled material?

A growing proportion of packaging is made from recycled material. One of the main components in the manufacture of new glass bottles is recycled glass, the aluminium in cans is reused over and over again and even most cardboard has a percentage of recycled paper or board in it. Additionally, we use a cardboard shredder to reuse wasted cardboard, pallet dividers or transit packaging, turning it into protection for bottles or glasses in your online orders.

How much of the packaging is recyclable?

The majority of our packaging is recyclable. Cans, bottles, and all our cardboard are recycled widely through kerbside collections or at bottle banks or recycling centres.

What about mini kegs?

From a materials point of view these are just like large cans and are thus recyclable. The metal can be reused over and over again.

Can you recycle a bottle or can with a label on it?

Yes, these can be recycled in the same way as a printed can or unlabelled bottle. The recycling process includes a stage where any decoration is removed using hot air. This varies from country to country with some even collecting any washed off material for further recycling.

Are the labels themselves recyclable?

No, although they make up such a small percentage of the overall product – the can or bottle – that they can be left on the can or bottle for domestic recycling. Our labels need a high wet-strength material and also often feature a gold foil. We do however keep our wastage to a minimum and work with a supplier with high environmental standards and a zero to landfill policy.

Can beer bottle caps be recycled?

It varies…labels and caps are made up of more than one material as they include a liner within the metal crown. While these parts are recyclable individually it’s best to check with your local council or authority to see if they can be included with kerbside recycling.