Introducing Double Green Mountain

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By: Dominic Driscoll

We first brewed Green Mountain in early 2018, initially for keg but it soon found its way into can.  We were seeing a lot of strongish NEIPA-type beers from the States around at the time, as well as a lot of hype surrounding them, but we hadn’t really seen many session-strength versions, with beers under 5% ABV not as popular in the US as they are here in England.  We wanted to brew something hazy and low-ish gravity, but with a hop punch that lived up to the ‘Vermont’ moniker. Low in bitterness but high in punchy hop character, Green Mountain quickly became one of our most popular beers and at one point, we weren’t sure whether we could meet demand. Luckily the Hop Merchants came through for us and it’s become an established favourite of the Thornbridge core range.

The idea for a Double Green Mountain came about last year sometime, when the brewing team suggested we could do it for a monthly keg special in 2020. With the success and popularity of Jaipur X it was a bit of no-brainer to give Green Mountain the same treatment. We were all set for brewing it in August, until, sadly, the pandemic meant we had to postpone the monthly keg series. However, It was too good an idea to not do it, so we’ve put it into 440ml can instead!  It’s a celebration of one of our most popular beers, amplified up to 8.6% and the hopping suitably increased too. The soft mouthfeel and juicy, tropical fruit flavours are instantly recognisable as Green Mountain, but there’s an intensity that you only get with a bit more alcohol and body. It’s definitely worth tasting alongside a can or two of the regular Green Mountain!

Dominic Driscoll, Production Manager

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