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By: Charlotte Bulley

We're making changes to our delivery fees

‘Return to normal’ is a phrase that we have all heard repeatedly over the past weeks and months. Unfortunately, ‘normal’ is nothing like the real world from a personal and professional point of view for the vast majority of people in the UK.

As a business, we have done extremely well to navigate the past 18 months and we feel we are in as strong a position as ever thanks to the commitment of our team.

However, unless you really have squirrelled yourself away for the past few months you will have read about spiralling costs of raw materials due to global shortages (the can shortage was written about here), lack of drivers, production facilities going down etc. As a company, we have run out of cans, kegs, CO2 and cardboard in the past 6 months – all through no fault of our own. However, we have managed to maintain supply of our beers with minimal interruption by absorbing significant price increases internally.

Unfortunately, the current crisis regarding a lack of drivers is hugely affecting the UK, as witnessed by often bare supermarket shelves. This has led us to fail deliveries to supermarkets and for often speedy home deliveries to be delayed. Sadly, we have just received a price increase from our couriers that we simply can not absorb so we are unfortunately having to pass some of it on.

Going forward threshold for free delivery is going up from £30.00 to £40.00 and any orders under £40.00 will incur a delivery fee of £6.95 (up from £5.95).

Whilst we do this reluctantly, we still benchmark ourselves on a monthly basis against other breweries and we are STILL sitting at the lowest amount for free delivery and one of the lowest for our delivery charge.

I hope that you can understand our position and we hope we can continue to serve you the freshest beers and enjoy your greatly appreciated custom.


Dom Metcalfe


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