The Lockdown Diaries – Lucy’s Favourite Derbyshire Walks

Brewery News

By: Chloe Janes

Lucy, our Sales Assistant, wrote about her favourite pubs in 2019 and that blog went down a storm. But as things are a little different at the moment, she has written a blog about her favourite walks in Derbyshire.

  • Robin Hood’s Stride – Before Covid-19 and lockdown took over the world, I was doing a lot of indoor climbing. Of course, these centres had to shut for the majority of 2020 so I was told that there are some great bouldering opportunities over at Robin Hood’s Stride, not too far from where I live. The walk from Stanton In Peak to the Strides takes you through some interesting spots. It’s a varied terrain with undulating landscape, open sheep fields, dense woodland and (eventually) after walking for an hour you reach the glorious rocks! Great in summer, but way too cold for my hands in winter.
  • Stanton Moor – Nine Ladies Stone Circle – My parents have lived below Stanton Moor for nearly 13 years now, and this was the first place we were taken on a walk with the dogs. To reach the moor, it’s a steep walk up through the village that always puts me out of breath. Next, once you have nearly climbed to the top, you meander through some woodland that borders both active and decommissioned quarries. There is an amazing history to the land around the moor and you can definitely get a sense of this as you make your way along the paths. There are always a few people hovering around the stone circle, often laying in the middle of it (strange to me, but obviously not for some). More often than not you see locals walking their dogs. I always manage to bump into at least one person I know from the village so it’s just a wonderful and familiar place to escape to from the house.
  • Jacobs Ladder – When there was the ease of lockdown 1, we headed over to Edale to do one of my favourite childhood walks. This is one walk I remember from such an early age because of how fun I used to find it. A beautiful stream to walk along leading up to the start of Jacobs Ladder. Jacobs Ladder is a pathway made up of stone steps, which I always thought was odd on the side of a hill, and when you get to the top, the views are pretty amazing! So many boulders to clamber over too, which for me, I absolutely LOVED doing as a child and still love now in my 30’s! One of the best things about this walk that we couldn’t enjoy in 2020 was the stop off at the pub when you’re heading back to the car. I just want a pint after a walk!!!
  • Chatsworth – If we didn’t already have a wealth of options for walks, living here in the Peak District means we also have something else great on our doorstep – the Chatsworth Estate. If you tire of the craggy outcrops and bleak hilltops of the Peaks, then you can immerse yourself in the stately surroundings of one of Britain’s largest country houses and gardens. We often “cheat” a little with this one and drive down the hill to Rowsley, park up near the Post Office and then head on up the road (on foot) to up and over to the edge of the Chatsworth Estate. Again, the best part of this walk is the changeable scenery. You pass conservation areas, walk through open hill top meadows (I have to stop myself singing like Maria from the Sound of Music), scamper through forests and then cascade down towards the House. It’s quite a slog, but definitely worth the effort.
  • Rowter Rocks – Birchover has some great rock formations that aren’t too far from where I live. So, if I’m looking for a modest walk, then this is somewhere to easily get to. The rocks themselves hold all sorts of interesting nooks and crannies, with engravings dating back the last few hundred years and also a hermit’s cave. Another cracking climbing spot, this walk takes me from the village, along some quiet country lanes and then through to the rocks themselves. I’m lucky in lockdown that I’ve been able to ramble over there and it’s been lovely and quiet, as it can be really busy in normal circumstances.