The Lockdown Diaries – Meet James Buxton

Brewery News

By: Chloe Janes

During the endless lockdowns and ever extending furlough, I have found it incredibly important to not only keep a healthy mind but also a healthy body (which is bloody tough, especially when you constantly have a fridge full of delicious beer). It has been really important to get out and keep fit as much as possible, but more importantly for me, it was having a creative output and something to really focus on. Waaay back in March I decided that if the rest of the year was a write off I must do something I’d always wanted to do.

Now I absolutely cannot bake or craft any form of remotely attractive anything, so I decided to write and record a bunch of songs and release a DIY E.P. All songs were recorded either in my bedroom or in my loo on an old iPad. This really helped me through this minefield of a year and I’m incredibly proud to have something out there for people to listen to that is personal to me. Here are the links to listen on the following platforms….




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