The Return of The Pubs…

Brewery News

By: Rebekah Wadham

This Saturday, the 4th July, we’re re opening The Stags Head, The Greystones, The Coach and Horses and The Cross Scythes and looking forward to welcoming back our customers. We will be opening The Bath Hotel and the Hallamshire House a little later as it’s taking a little longer to ensure we have all our safety measures in place in these venues.

We have put the following measures in place for the safety of our staff and customers. Please bear with us whilst we adapt to this new normal and help us to operate safely. We really do appreciate your patience and support.

Please be respectful of our staff and other customers. The below procedures have been put in place to ensure you are as safe as possible. Anyone disregarding the health & safety measures and therefore increasing risk to others, will be asked to leave.

Hand sanitiser points are available for frequent use by both staff and customers, please use on entry and exit and make use of them throughout your visit.

We have gone entirely cashless and contactless payment is recommended where possible to ensure the safety of all of our staff and customers. Card machines will be sanitized after each use and be brought to your table by our friendly staff along with your much more important beer delivery!

There is a one-way system in place. We know this will take you a little longer, but it will ensure minimal passing in close quarters, and will also help you get those steps in!

If there is a queue on entry to the pub, please queue respectfully on distancing requirements outside of the pub. You will be invited to enter and be seated by a member of staff.

There will be directional and distancing markers on the floor. Please respect these guides, these are for the safety of all our staff and customers.

Table Service Only: Please find your host on entry and be patient whilst they try and locate a suitable table for you. Table service is both inside and outside and will be on a first come first served basis. Your area chief will take your order and deliver drinks to you. To minimise contact, they will place the items at the end of the table (including food, cutlery and condiments) alongside the card machine so it will be up to you to distribute the items around the table.  Please be ready to tap your card/enter your pin so they can remove the machine and again minimise waiting times and customer contact.   Also please do not move tables or chairs. We are unable to trade, as per safety measures,  for groups larger than six and therefore moving furniture and joining tables together is for another time (we can’t wait) but in the meantime, we need to be patient and respect the floor plan, it is here so that we can safely be open for you!

Screens where social distancing is impossible: Our snazzy new screens indoors, make for a ‘ye olde pub’ experience. They look the part, whilst also keeping different parties separate from each other where social distancing is impossible. Please take care when sitting down, these will be sanitised along with the table and chairs when you leave, ready for the next customers.

Single use menus: You will have your very own single use menu which will have a handy form on the reverse for your table to enter their contact details, so that we comply with the Government’s ‘Track and Trace’ regulation. This menu will be removed when you vacate your table by a staff member and stored in a sealed envelope and placed in a locked cabinet for 21 days rolling or until we hear otherwise from the Government. This will comply with all GDPR regulations and will be disposed of securely, ensuring your information is safe with us. It will only be handed over to the NHS by official request.

All areas fully sanitised between customers: We’ll be deep cleaning each table between customers, so please understand if there is a little wait between a table becoming available and your group being seated. If you are outside and need more space on your table, please remove your glasses to the glass collection point, as we are unable to remove empties whilst your table is occupied.

Toilet Queuing System: Please see our signage and be respectful of the safety measures we have put in place. There are distancing bubbles on the floor to ensure we minimise the amount of people waiting, if you get up to check and all of the spaces are full, please do return to your table and check again in a few minutes. Due to the dividers in place within our facilities, two people can safely use the toilets at any one time. Please wait for someone to vacate the washrooms before you enter, and if you’re unsure, please ask a staff member to check if they are free. We will be providing sanitising wipes, spray and disposable roll for you to wipe down any surfaces you have handled after use. Soap and sanitiser will be available on your way in and out of the facilities. Our staff will be deep cleaning every hour, so if you’re in the queue please understand if they need to get in to clean before you can enter.

Facilities will be checked and cleaned hourly but customers are encouraged to report any issues to a member of staff. Please do ensure you wash your hands and ensure any surfaces you have touched are wiped down with the products provided.

Floor staff will be available to speak with should you like to place an order or to answer any queries. They will be provided with masks/visors to ensure their safety as much as possible. Please be patient, they will make regular routine trips around the building, and will try and get to you as soon as possible.

All kitchen and bar staff will regularly clean their hands, between orders (as is standard practice) or will wear disposable gloves. Each table will be cooked for one at a time to minimise any risk so please understand there may be a slightly longer wait for food than usual.

The Outside bar at The Stag’s Head will be up and running for business. We will be serving 4 delicious keg lines from there – alongside pizza by the slice or (properly) by the whole, on advertised days of the week. If you’re seated outside, or stood in your allocated space at one of our standing barrels outside for a drink, you are welcome to come and get served at the outside bar by queuing on the distancing bubbles. Hard reusable plastics will be used only.

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