Wishing you a very beery Christmas…

Brewery News

By: Rebekah Wadham

Wondering which beer to pair with your pigs in blankets? or what will add a little extra zing to your Christmas pud? Never fear! Our In-house Beer sommelier James has told us what he’ll be celebrating with Christmas this year.

It will be a different Christmas this year, but I will still be celebrating with tasty food, and beer too of course!

I love to have the small classic starters while getting dinner ready, lots of sausages and bacon. I will enjoy some Tzara with these – a good easy starting beer, with enough hop and carbonation to balance a little fat – helping to keep the palate fresh.

Then for dinner this year I have planned on duck, always a festive favourite for me, accompanied by Market Porter – I really like this beer and want something that won’t be overpowered by the rich duck and the roastiness of the beer should work nicely with the crispy roasted skin as well.

If I was going for a Turkey I would pick a more traditional Lord Marples or Shelby, something with a good body, not too dry with a nice rounded sweetness. There is a little hop bitterness in there, this helps to cut through the meat but not enough to overpower.

And for dessert, I will be going with another favourite – cheesecake. This also gives me a good excuse to crack open some Days of Creation, the Barrel Aged Raspberry Sour, as this works beautifully almost taking the place of a coulis with a sharp contrast between the beer and food which I really enjoy.

If I was on for a Christmas Pudding I would go all in with Necessary Evil! A big beer for a big dessert, it is Christmas after all 😉