2021: Year in Beer

2021: Year in Beer

2021 has been an extraordinary year.  Despite facing incredible challenges due to a global pandemic, lockdowns and economic strife, the craft beer industry has adapted, innovated and persevered. We’re proud to be part of this amazing industry, and hope that when things go back to normal we will keep some of the things we’ve learned during these difficult times.

One thing that has changed hugely in the last couple of years is the growth of our online shop. More and more of you have opted to buy your mixed beer cases and crates of Jaipur direct from us, and our online shop went from a relatively small operation at the beginning of last year to a thriving part of our business! We are directing more and more of our energies to making the best brewery shop it can be, bringing you more and more choice as we do. Moving forward, we hope you’ll continue to get your beer direct from the source!

An aspect of our Online Shop that has changed most this year is our beer subscription service. Started at the end of last year, Thornbridge Beer Club has grown exponentially since. As of today, we have over 1000 members, and have included over 70 unique beers in the monthly boxes over the last year. We’ve written a little something about those beers here, and we’re sure you’ll agree that it has been some year! Why not get in on the action yourself and join now?

Because of lockdowns and pub closures, cask conditioned ale has not had the presence in people’s lives it has had in other years. But we, like many others, still held a torch for cask this year. There’s just nothing like a proper pint. Read here to find out more about what cask beers we did this year, and make sure to keep your eyes out for them in pubs!

We have been thrilled by the amount of new talent in the beer industry recently, and even more excited about getting the chance to share ideas with them. This year we have worked with a veritable army of other companies, from brewers on the cutting edge and genuine legends of craft to companies that aren’t even in the beer industry at all. Overall, we have sold over 50 unique collaborative beers this year, and you can read all about them here.

Of course, over a year of excitement and innovation, we mustn’t forget our core beers. The beers that put us on the map, and keep us there. Lukas, our Helles lager, remains an exceptional example of the style that acts as a gateway craft beer across the country. Allott, our core pink lemonade sour, converts people who never thought they would like beer, let alone craft beer! Astryd, Green Mountain and Jamestown are modern, juicy, hazy pale ales that are full of hops and flavour, showing the remarkable things that can be done with just 4 ingredients. Lord Marples, Market Porter, Tzara and Brother Rabbit on the other hand prove that sometimes you don’t have to mess with tradition, because what works really works. Zero Five and AM:PM show that craft beer is for everyone, even if they avoid alcohol or gluten. Halcyon and Cocoa Wonderland remain delicious, luxurious beers years after their inception. DDH Jaipur shows that even perfection likes to be improved upon. And Jaipur is Jaipur. We think you know about Jaipur by now.

So, let us say Thank You to everyone who made 2021 as extraordinary as it was. Thank you to our brewers, for coming up with these incredible beers and making them as delicious as they are. Thank you to our teams in packaging, online and logistics who made sure the beer made its way safely to pubs and and the public. Thank you to everyone working in pubs across the country, both ours and others. Thank you suppliers for your wonderful hops, grain, yeast and more. Thank you to everyone we had the privilege to work with this year.

And thanks to you, the drinker. For supporting us and drinking our beer. From the first pint of Lord Marples, to the last barrel of Necessary Evil, and every can of Jaipur and Green Mountain in between. We literally would not exist without you.

Here’s to many years to come!

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