Collection: GLUTEN FREE

Here at Thornbridge, we now produce three core ‘gluten-free’ beers – AM:PM, Lukas and Bayern; occasionally we will do one-off seasonals which are also gluten-free. The beers are produced with barley and wheat and didn’t use non-gluten cereals such as sorghum or millet

We actually add a proline-specific enzyme called Brewers Clarex at the start of fermentation, which breaks down the gluten proteins into harmless peptides. It only attacks the gluten proteins and doesn’t affect the more desirable proteins such as those responsible for head retention. In fact, the enzyme has no effect on the flavour or the quality of the beer. With the correct process of addition and addition rate, the enzyme reduces levels of gluten to below 20ppm, so it complies with the law on gluten free labelling. Every test we have carried out on these beers has come in under 10ppm, so we can confidently label them as ‘Gluten Free’