A Year In Review, 2023.

A Year In Review, 2023.

2023 has been an amazing year at Thornbridge; towards the beginning of the year, we brewed two beers for International Women’s Day; Vivienne and Grand Purposes, both inspired by great women. They were brewed in cask on our Millrace kit, and very well received, you may even see one return in 2024 …

We have continued to develop our Barrel-Aged range with the likes of Pachamama, Necessary Evil English Whisky and Between the Sheets.

A massive highlight of 2023 was our collaboration with Budvar where together we created a Czech-Style Lager combining Budvar's expertise and brewing methods with our passion and innovation. The result was Czech Mates, a beer that was great fun to make, and hugely popular, so much so that we plan to keep brewing it next year too.

Czech Mates Can laid next to a pint of Czech Mates

2023 was a big year for Jaipur as our baby turned 18, we celebrated by putting on lots of offers and limited-edition mixed cases on our online shop. We also released some photos of the original brewers of Jaipur and the original brew kit. Check them out on our socials.

In August our very own beer festival, Peakender, was a highlight; this was the best year yet for Peakender and we thank everyone who came along!

             Two Peakender pints

Sustainability is always at the forefront of our minds, and in 2023 nearly 25% of the electricity we used was derived from Solar, with plans for more in the future.

We decided to re-design our Advent Calendar this year as Bex, our in-house creative, designed a reusable and fully recyclable advent calendar which builds into a Christmas tree. The Calendar sold out this year but will be back in 2024 for anyone who wants a truly sustainable beer Advent Calendar.

To round out a cracking year, we found out that we were the most checked in brewery on Untappd across all of Europe; we have been really proud to see our beers being enjoyed far and wide. 

Thank you again for all of your support this year. We can’t wait to see what 2024 has to bring.

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