Advent Calendar 2021 Lineup

Advent Calendar 2021 Lineup

All of you lucky people who ordered your Advent Calendar a month or so ago are now likely chomping at the bit to rip yours open and enjoy all of the extraordinary craft beers inside.

Settle into your comfiest chair, take out your finest piece of glassware, and open today's door. Crack open your beer and take notice of how it pours. Watch how the bubbles form at the head as you hold up your glass to the light to see the colours shining through. Swirl your glass and take a deep breath through your nose, taking in all of the complex aromas that the hops are giving off. Take a small amount into your mouth and swish it around, letting the beer dance across your tongue. Do you taste tropical fruit? Chocolate? Toffee malts? Citrussy hops? What does it remind you of? Your first beer, your first kiss? Holidays in the pacific, Christmas at your parents? Craft beer can capture memories and tell stories, and you are here to experience it all!

OR you can open your beer up and drink it as is. Relax with a proper, good beer and have a jolly old time with friends, food or just whatever's on telly.

There's no right or wrong way to experience this Advent Calendar!

Every day, we will be revealing what beer we will be drinking today, both here and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We will be giving you a little background on the beer, some tasting notes, and telling you what went into it.

We hope you'll join us on this little Christmas adventure into craft beer!

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