A bottle and a can of Jaipur in the snow

Beer & Food Pairing, Christmas Edition.

O Christmas Beer, O Christmas Beer …

It’s that time of year again, when the beers, food and cheer are all in full flow! We have been thinking about what we’ll have on our tables over the festive season and have put together some of our favourites.

Guava Christmas – one of our Christmas beers this year is a returning favourite; it’s light, fresh and packed with Guava goodness! It’s an unusual style for a Christmas beer, and we wanted to pair it with something fun, deciding upon Goan Perad – a great little treat; it’s fudgy and soft with tropical flavour throughout.

Knäck – our dark mild is named after the Swedish Christmas toffee, and while this would pair perfectly it would be a bit boring to suggest it. We recommend Ischoklad – a German treat popular in Sweden, they are great, versatile chocolate snacks and work perfectly with our beer.

Bottle of Knack on a snowy wall

Zero Five – for those of you not imbibing alcohol this year, our Zero Five provides a great option for the table. If you’re featuring a cheese plate, make sure to try this beer alongside a sharp cheddar or stilton.

Lukas – whenever we do a beer pairing, we love to have Lukas as our welcome beer, and we think this idea translate perfectly. It’s soft, crisp and refreshing, making this a true people pleaser and the perfect drink to greet your guests with. Not just that but it goes nicely with your Christmas nibbles from cheese straws to sausage rolls.


Lukas in the snow 

Lord Marples – British Bitters and roast dinners have been a combo for many, many years and there is no reason to change such a great pairing. Perfectly roasted poultry with those mouth-watering caramel notes finds the perfect partner in Lord Marples with its sweet malty character, the beer’s light hoppy bite helps keep the palate refreshed. 

Jaipur – the classic pairing for IPA, of course, is a great flavourful curry so you could save some of our Jaipur for boxing day and knock up all the leftover turkey into something inspired!

Bourbon Barrel Aged Necessary Evil – once you’re too full to eat much more our Bourbon Barrel aged stout works perfectly as a dessert by itself.  Crack a bottle, share it (if you’re feeling generous), and savour it slowly from one of our tasting glasses. It’s beautifully complex with lots of dark fruit notes, a sweet but not cloying body, and notes of wood and vanilla; perfect for sipping and relaxing with after a successful Christmas day!

Written by James Buchanan

Export Champion – Selected by the Department for Business and Trade

Beer Sommelier – Accredited by the IBD


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