In June 2018 we launched our first low alcohol beer, Big Easy. With more people looking for a low/no alcohol option, and a sector which had seen significant growth we felt it was the right time to bring our passion for great beer to the table.

The response was extraordinary, the enthusiasm and demand for the beer was unprecedented and Big Easy catapulted to become one of our top selling beers. When we looked to trademark Big Easy it was brought to our attention that the Big Easy trademark was owned by a London based restaurant chain.

Following discussions with the restaurant they informed us that they were keen to continue with their Big Easy Beer, we therefore began the process of renaming our low alcohol pale ale. We took full responsibility for this oversight (we really should have checked!) and we’d like to extend our appreciation to them for allowing us to continue using the name whilst we made a decision on our new brand.

We are happy to announce that we are relaunching our low alcohol pale ale as Zero Five, we’ve refreshed the look of the beer in line with our new branding but you can expect the same great flavour and taste. It’ll be out and about over the next few weeks and we hope the beer continues in its success under its new name. We are looking to develop our range of low alcohol beers in 2020, kicking off with plans for a new variant in January.

One thing we’re sure of is that the first case of Zero Five will be winging its way to Big Easy as a sign of our appreciation for their goodwill in the approach of this issue.



For further Information:

Rebekah Wadham Marketing Manager  01629 815999

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