"I wanted to work for Thornbridge for as long as I’ve been interested in beer."

"I wanted to work for Thornbridge for as long as I’ve been interested in beer."

What's your role at Thornbridge:

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

How long have you worked for Thornbridge / how did you end up here?

I have worked at Thornbridge for 6 months now. I knew I wanted to work for Thornbridge for as long as I’ve been interested in beer. My step brother was previously a brewer on site at Thornbridge too so he told me to just apply, even though Thornbridge weren’t advertising any positions. With previous sales experience in two smaller breweries I felt I had enough experience to up my game to a bigger and more established brewery like Thornbridge.

What do you like about working at Thornbridge?

The people and the beer of course! My team are a great mix of millennials, mothers and beer experts, they are all very approachable and extremely friendly. They have welcomed me into this job with (literally) open arms. We’re genuinely one big family.

Favourite Thornbridge beer and why?

Green Mountain for sure. It’s an easy drinking Vermont style IPA which is right up my street. Refreshing in the summer and still a great go-to pint to start off with on a night out. It does everything for me this beer!

Favourite thing to do outside of work?

For me, this is to get out to the countryside, have a walk with my Boston Terrier, find a cracking country pub with a roast and good beer, and be around good company.

In the spirit of International women’s day who is your Female hero?

Sounds cliché… but it would have to be my Momma! She’s intelligent, creative, ambitious and an extremely caring lady. Has taught me to always be myself, help others and be passionate in everything I do. She’s a solid person in my life and I’ve always looked up to her. She’s built her own life and career without any help at all and raised two children whilst doing this. She can adapt to any situation and always thinks of a solution instead of burying her head in the sand. I cannot fault this woman. Although... if you leave a glass out on the side for two minutes she may well kill you.

The theme for International Women’s day this year is ‘Balance for Better’, all about creating a gender balanced world, how will you create a balance for better?

I think growing up with such strong female characters in both my family and my friendship groups, I feel that I’ve been extremely conscious in challenging stereotypes and biased views.

I’ll continue to strive to always support a balanced and equal working outlook on life – in my personal life and career.

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