International Beer Challenge - UK Brewer of The Year

International Beer Challenge - UK Brewer of The Year

2022 has been a stellar year for awards here at Thornbridge Brewery as we have won a plethora of business and product awards on a local, national and international level.

Last Friday it was announced that we had been voted UK Brewer Of The Year by the International Beer Challenge which is an incredible testament to everybody hear at Thornbridge HQ!

Furthermore, we entered 5 beers in to the product categories and all 5 won Gold Medals and 2 of them were awarded trophies for ‘Best Lager Up To 5%’ and ‘Best Specialty Beer’ in the global categories.

Bayern – Gold Medal – Awarded Best Lager up to 5%
Necessary Evil Triple Sec Barrel Aged Stout – Gold Medal – Awarded Best Specialty Beer
Necessary Evil Calvados Barrel Aged Stout – Gold Medal
Necessary Evil Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout – Gold Medal
Bracia Bourbon Barrel Aged – Gold Medal

2022 has been an incredibly tough year for everybody in the brewing and hospitality industry with costs spiralling out of control and 2023 looking even bleaker for some. However, winning awards like this reminds us that we produce a consistently high quality product and with the incredible team we have at Thornbridge, we are confident we can continue to grow and innovate in 2023 and beyond.

Unfortunately we sold out very quickly of our stock of Bayern and Triple Sec Calvados when the results were published, but we still have limited availability of the other Gold Medal beers so why don't you try them in our Pick & Mix section which can be found here….

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