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Jaipur turns 18

“For me, Jaipur was the start of the British craft brewing scene. BrewDog brought the attitude, the packaging, the language, but Thornbridge were the trailblazers.

UK’s leading Beer Writer, Pete Brown

18 years ago today, on the 7th of June 2005, Thornbridge Brewery, then based in the out buildings of Thornbridge Hall, brewed Jaipur for the first time. 

It was like nothing else in the UK beer industry at the time. Following an array of awards and national recognition, Jaipur catapulted Thornbridge into the spotlight. From then on, Jaipur became our flagship beer.

Jaipur is now produced in all formats, Cask, keg, bottle, can and recently we re-introduced the 500ml Bottle Conditioned version. It has inspired other beers such as Jaipur DDH, and Jaipur X as well as many collaboration brews. We have even produced condiment sauces with Jaipur as an ingredient as well as becoming many drinkers favourite t-shirt, hats and socks

Check out the following video made by Jonny Garrett available on The Craft Beer Channel as well as the article "15 Years of Endless Summer — How Thornbridge Jaipur Changed British Beer" written by Jonny Garrett in 2020 in Good Beer Hunting 


credit to Jonny Garrett – Craft Beer Channel.
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