Peakender 2023

Peakender 2023

Short on ideas for Christmas presents for loved ones? Good news…. Peakender tickets are now on sale!
Peakender returned with aplomb in 2022 and it’s for this reason that despite the doom and gloom in the world, there is no way we aren’t bringing it back in 2023!

 Pints being served across the bar at Peakender 2022

We have listened to all of the feedback (where you mostly told us it was the best Peakender ever!) and worked out how we can make it even better than this year. We have made initial enquiries to suppliers and unsurprisingly, all of the costs associated with the event are going up but we won’t let that deter us.

If you sign up to our mailing list now, you can access an exclusive discount on entry tickets, valid until 4th December! So why not take advantage and treat yourself and anybody who loves live music and great beer in a child and dog friendly atmosphere to a day or a weekend in the sunshine…*

*We can’t promise the last part but our request was heard this year so no reason why it won’t happen again next year, especially as we have been extra good.

Peakender save the date 2023

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