Peakender is Back

Peakender is Back

Finally – the time has come for some good news…


After a 2 year hiatus thanks to COVID-19, Peakender will return for 2022 and it will be bigger and better than previous years. We have been working very hard behind the scenes for the past few months to assess the financial viability of putting on our flagship event and despite the fact that the accountants think its madness, we are forging on regardless!

You will find all the details about dates, ticket prices, beer, music, camping etc in the below link. Just as a heads up, for those of you who have previously attended, you will see that the ticketing structure and price has changed since 2019.

Peakender has never been about making money (we have never even broken even), it’s all about putting on a great event for our loyal customers, friends and family and this year will be no different.

Despite our best efforts to negotiate with suppliers and contractors, there have been inevitable price increases. We have done our best to absorb these increases where possible in order to ensure we can continue to put on the event but unavoidably we need to pass on some of these increases. However, we do still believe it is one of the best value events on the festival circuit.

The ticketing structure has also changed. For those of you camping with us for the weekend or staying on site in a live in vehicle, you will need to ensure you book your pitch separately to your festival ticket – there is no longer an ‘all in one’ option. For more information on the new ticket types and other FAQs check out this page – we’d recommend giving it a read before booking!

Tickets rolled over from 2020 or 2021 will all still be valid for the 2022 event. We really appreciate your dedication to the event and your faith in us over the past 2 years.

We look forward to seeing you there come rain (probably) or shine (hopefully)!

Team Thornbridge

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