Thornbridge Union

Thornbridge Union

Thornbridge Brewery have worked with Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company (CMBC) to save a Burton Union set and in doing so ensure that a vital part of British Brewing history remains operational.


The Union System dates back to the 1800s and is a beautiful wood-barrel fermentation system that has been used continuously in the production of different beers over the decades. Thornbridge has stepped in to save one of the sets, not only for its historic importance, but also to utilise it in a modern way and continue to premiumise their cask beer range. Starting with a brew of their flagship beer, Jaipur, they will follow up by brewing other much-loved beers from their catalogue, new beers specifically for the Union kit and collaborations.


Collaboration brews on the System will be an integral part of its future at Thornbridge; bringing together breweries with a keen sense of history who would like to help innovate with the system.


"When I heard that the unions were slated to go silent, I immediately thought that Thornbridge would be the perfect inheritors of this beautiful piece of British brewing heritage. I'm thrilled to provide the 'assist' on this historic play." Garrett Oliver, Brewmaster, Brooklyn Brewery.


To have the chance to brew on a small part of The Union is incredible for us. We are so grateful to be given this opportunity and will make sure that great beers are brewed on the Thornbridge Union. It will give us a chance to collaborate, innovate and create premium cask beer whilst providing a new showcase for this important piece of brewing history.” Simon Webster, CEO and Co-Founder, Thornbridge Brewery.


Notes to editor


CMBC announced the retirement of the four active Union sets at Marston’s Brewery in January 2024. Read more here.

Thornbridge Brewery is based at Riverside Industrial Estate, Buxton Road, Bakewell, DE45 1GS and has been operating since 2005. The brewery has picked up over 350 domestic and international awards, including over 100 for their flagship IPA, Jaipur.


For further information and all other enquiries, please contact Simon Webster, CEO and Co-founder of Thornbridge Brewery


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