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Travel Tips

Here at Thornbridge Brewery we send our beer to a great number of countries around the world. My role as the Export Manager involves a lot of travel; meeting with our distributors and their clients, and hosting all sorts of different events.

I have put together some handy tips I’ve picked up from my time on the road to share with you;

    Power - Invest in a good battery pack that does a few charges, you’ll certainly need your phone wherever your destination is.

    Files - Make sure your necessary files are accessible; I use a lot of Power Points so I’ll save these on my laptop, tablet, phone, flash drive, and send a we-transfer to my email so I can download them again if needed.

    Apps! – In cities that use it, Uber is brilliant - no cash required and really makes it easy to find your way around. Airline apps are great too, saves printing lots of paperwork and carrying tickets around. 

    Refilling – I’ve got Psoriasis and use a lot of moisturiser so before each trip I make sure to refill my 100ml bottle, much cheaper than buying at the airport!

    Smoothly does it – If you have a shirt that took a beating on the flight, hang it in the bathroom before you take a shower and the steam will help get those pesky creases out.    

    Noise Cancelling Headphones – I wasn’t too convinced at the idea (or the price) originally but now I can’t travel without these. They’re fantastic whilst on transport and really help when you need to focus on work in a noisy environment.

    Podcasts – When spending a lot of time alone on the road, Podcasts can help keep you sane. ‘Stuff You Should Know’ is my current go-to, explaining everything you’d ever need to know about all manner of things from bonsai trees, to giraffes, to pizzas. 

    More Power – Hotels and airports love to have a very limited amount of plug sockets, a single plug with 2 or more USB sockets allows you to charge multiple items at once.

    Beer! – The most important part, make sure you look out for the best offerings on your route. Cask Jaipur is a must in Terminal One of Manchester Airport and can be found at The Grain Loft. A great train station bar, like the Sheffield Tap, is always a brilliant pit-stop too.

    And finally, if you are out travelling the world and spot our beer, please make sure to tweet us about it!

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