Introducing… Impromptu Ladder Convention

Brewery News

By: Charlotte Bulley

Our new collaboration beer with Bundobust

If you’ve been lucky enough to visit a Bundobust restaurant over the years, then you’ll understand why we’re totally enamoured by this brilliant bunch. Not only have they been slinging out sensational Gujarati street food since 2014, but they have consistently accompanied this with a perfectly curated craft beer line-up.

Since reopening their four restaurants following multiple lock downs, the team at Bundobust were keen to push some focus back to the long-loved cask ale. Here at Thornbridge we have been passionate about cask since we started back in 2005, so when they came to us with the idea of creating a new beer to champion cask, we immediately said yes.

So, we bring you Impromptu Ladder Convention, a beautiful hazy pale ale coming in at 4%. With a simple malt base, it is pale in appearance with a soft body. The generous hopping of Nelson Sauvin and Cashmere provide a smooth bitterness, along with overflowing flavours of lemon, melon and grapefruit. This beer should perfectly accompany the deliciously rich flavours and fruity spices of the Gujarati street food, leaving your palate refreshed.

We’re launching Impromptu Ladder Convention at the Bundobust Brewery site on Oxford Road, Manchester from 5pm on the 24th November. Not only will members of the Thornbridge team be there to chat about the beer, but they’ll also be giving out free Thornbridge merchandise with the first 24 pints ordered after 5pm!