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By: Dominic Driscoll

We couldn’t let the 15th anniversary of Jaipur go past uncelebrated here at Thornbridge – after all, it’s the most awarded beer in the UK and, even after 15 years since we knocked out the first gyle of Jaipur at Thornbridge Hall, we still brew more of it than any other beer.  We thought we’d do three versions of it for people to try, combined with the beloved original, all in 440ml for the first time.

First up, joining the two special editions, is a one-off brew of Jaipur into 440ml can, rather than the usual 330ml.  For those who don’t know, the beer is brewed with 100% Maris Otter malt, fermented with a classic American ale yeast and hopped with a perfected blend of 6 American hops – Chinook, Centennial, Cascade, Ahtanum, Simcoe and Columbus.  We’ve brewed it for 15 years now and every year we end up producing even more, whether it’s in cask, keg, can or bottle.   Packaged into this larger can size for the first time means you have the perfect foil for the next two versions…

Jaipur X returns by popular demand!  Since we brewed X for the first time five years ago, it has gained quite the following; indeed it appears to be a lot of people’s favourite and we receive plenty of requests for it every year.  We brew this version of Jaipur by raising the original gravity, by adding extra malt and a touch of dextrose.  The extra body and alcohol need to be balanced with an increase in hops and as such, the beer gets an extra dose of aroma hops in the hopback and also a huge dry hop during maturation.  We add a little wheat malt too and this helps give the beer its characteristic haze as well as excellent head retention.  We always ferment this beer at a lower temperature and mature it for longer, thus making sure there are no ‘hot’ flavour notes.  However, this makes it a bit easy to drink, so drink with caution!

Jaipur DDH is something of a ‘what if?’ beer – ‘DDH’ (double dry-hop) has become a popular brewing technique in the last few years with the new craft brewery movement and practically all modern breweries have a ‘DDH Pale Ale’ on their books.  We couldn’t resist giving it a go with the Jaipur recipe.  We kept everything the same, apart from adding a bit of wheat malt, so the beer has its characteristic bite, then after primary fermentation, we added twice the dry hop charge we usually do (Chinook, Centennial and Cascade).  The extra hops give it quite the haze so it has the appearance of a classic DDH beer as well as the punch.

We hope you enjoy this little celebration of Jaipur – it’s always fun for the brewing team to have a little play and we look forward to hearing what you think about Jaipur X and Jaipur DDH.


Dominic Driscoll, Production Manager

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