Lucid Lupulus Returns

Brewery News

By: Nicky Geraghty

Some of you eagle eyed (CBD enhanced?) customers will notice that Lucid Lupulus (our CBD Infused Pale Ale) was only available for sale for a matter of days.

Whilst it did sell very well on launch, it was not because we sold out in record time! It seems that virtually all Payment Providers (PP) have an issue with taking payments for any company or product affiliated with the sales of CBD products. So when our PP emailed us to say they were suspending all transactions with immediate effect due to our breach of contract, we immediately needed to take the product off sale to ensure we could continue to trade as a business!

This came as something of a shock to us as you can imagine! Our PP is actually based in San Francisco (arguably one of the most liberal Cities in the world when it comes to all things related to Marijuana and all the derivatives associated with it) and the eight hour time difference linked with trying to sort out this issue was somewhat of a challenge for us internally.

The easy thing would to simply change PP. However, this is an incredibly long winded process that would involve a huge amount of technical changes to the way we operate, not to mention the inevitable teething issues that would accompany the change.

Without boring you to the point of needing a drink to get through the rest of this article, the long story short is that we have created a link to a separate PP purely so we can resume selling this single product. So whilst the page may look a little different to our usual checkout page, we can assure you it is legitimate!

I’m off for a beer.