Advent Calendar 2023 Contents

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Beer Style Of Beer SKU Size
Glass + Jaipur 330ml can 5.9% IPA 330ml Can
Knack 4% Dark Mild 500ml Bottle
Mind Games 8.5% Gin BA Saison 375ml Bottle
Ladysmith 4.5% Pale Ale 330ml Bottle
Lord Marples 4% Classic Bitter 500ml Bottle
1857 4.8% Pale Ale 330ml Bottle
Kings Canyon 6.5% US Hopped Amber Ale 500ml Bottle
Ramona Easy Lager 4% Lager 330ml Bottle
Tzara 4.8% Koln Style Beer 330ml Can
Crackendale 5.2% Citra Pale Ale 500ml Bottle
AM:PM 4.5% Session IPA 330ml Bottle
Nec Evil Bourbon 13% BA Bourbon Imp Stout 375ml Bottle
Astryd 3.8% Hazy Juicy Pale Ale 500ml Bottle
Apricitry 5.6% ESB 500ml Bottle
Edge Runner 4.8% Kellerbier 440ml Can
Jaipur DDH 5.9% DDH IPA 440ml Can
Rock City 5.5% IPA 440ml Can
Chula Vista 4.2% Lemon & Sea Salt Sour 440ml Can
Green Mountain 4.3% Hazy Session IPA 440ml Can
Lukas 4.2% Helles Lager 330ml Can
Salted Caramel Lucaria 4.5% Salted Caramel Ice Cream Porter 330ml Can
Mikan Shimoda 3.8% Mandarin Pale Ale 330ml Can
Kinder 8.4% Double NEIPA 330ml Can
Chiron 5% American Pale Ale 330ml Can
Jaipur X 10% Imperial IPA 330ml Can