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Cortado, 4.9% Flat White Pale

Cortado, 4.9% Flat White Pale

Cortado was created as a juxtaposition; a light and refreshing pale ale with an unexpected addition of Arabica coffee to really get the tastebuds working overtime.

Traditionally, coffee would be reserved for darker beers, but we love the way it intertwines with hints of caramel, citrus and vanilla throughout

ABV 4.9% / 440ml can

Temperature Guidelines - recommendation on the beer temperature to drink at
 Serve at 5-8
 Chinook, Willamette
 LCMO, Caramalt
Eye to donate the look of the beer
Nose logo to represent the smell of the beer
Roasty, Coffee
Lips logo to represent the taste of the beer
 Citrus, Vanilla
Knives and forks to represent the food pairing
 Grilled Cheese with Bacon

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