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Hayward, 4.2% Kiwi and Lime Sour

Hayward, 4.2% Kiwi and Lime Sour

Hayward is the most popular variety of Kiwifruit; a plant described as a vigorous, twining, deciduous climber with heart shaped leaves. For us, the most important part is just how great Kiwifruit tastes, particularly when combined with zesty lime! We thought this classic pairing would work perfectly in a kettle sour, enhancing the sharpness and providing a real spectrum of flavour. This beer is light, refreshing and full of zesty citrus, balanced with just a little tartness.

ABV 4.2% / 440ml can

Celsius to represent the temperature to serve the beer at
 Serve at 5-8
Low Colour Maris Otter, Wheat Malt
Eye to represent the colour of the beer
 Hazy, Yellow
Nose to represent the smell of the beer
Kiwi, Citrus
Lips to represent the taste of the beer
Sour, Lime
Knife, Folk and Spoon to represent food pairing
Caramelised Banana Ice Cream


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Vegan Friendly

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