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Knack, 4% Dark Mild 500ml bottle

Knack, 4% Dark Mild 500ml bottle

Knäck is a delightful dark mild inspired by the Swedish Christmas treat of the same name. It’s bold and inviting, with a delicate white head of tight foam and carries a rich malty soul, giving notes of hard toffee and roasted nuts

ABV 4% / 500ml bottle

Temperature Guidelines - recommendation on the beer temperature to drink at
 Serve at 6-10
Low Colour Maris Otter, Wheat, Crystal, Chocolate, Invert No2, Molasses
Eye to donate the look of the beer
Nose logo to represent the smell of the beer
 Caramel, Chocolate
Lips logo to represent the taste of the beer
 Dark fruits, Hazelnut
Knives and forks to represent the food pairing

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Vegan Friendly

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