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Quiet Storm Chinook, 5.5% Single Hopped Pale Ale

Quiet Storm Chinook, 5.5% Single Hopped Pale Ale

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Quiet Storm is a unique series of single hop showcases. Using some of our favourite hop varieties, the ambition of this project is to really highlight the full spectrum and capability of each individual variety through precise application at different stages of brewing.

Chinook has been a mainstay of the Craft Beer Movement for decades. it’s grown mainly in the Pacific Northwest and is well suited to being used in a range of beer styles. It’s spicy and piney, imparting crisp and clean citrus notes

Celsius to represent the temperature to serve the beer at
 Serve at 5-8
 Low Colour Maris Otter, Carapils,
Eye to represent the colour of the beer
Nose to represent the smell of the beer
 Pine, Citrus
Lips to represent the taste of the beer
 Grapefruit, Herbal
Knife, Folk and Spoon to represent food pairing
 Loaded Totchos


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