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Tzara 4.8% Koln Style Beer

Tzara 4.8% Koln Style Beer

Tzara is a Köln style beer, in keeping with the Kölsch but brewed here in Bakewell. We use German hops, malt and yeast to make this as close as possible to the originals as we love this style of beer.

We describe it as a hybrid, it is an ale and brewed with ale yeast – however it has a long conditioning period like a lager and shares a lot of the same flavour characteristics.

Overall Tzara is crisp and refreshing with a hint of citrus, it is great for drinking all year round but particularly enjoyable outside in the long summer days

ABV 4.8% / 330ml bottle

HOPS Hallertauer

MALTS Pilsner / Carapils / Wheat

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