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Tzara 4.8% Koln Style Beer 330ml can

Tzara 4.8% Koln Style Beer 330ml can

Tzara is a hybrid beer, fermented like an ale but matured like a lager. Pale gold in colour, this is a delicate, crisp and refreshing beer with a slightly bready maltiness.

ABV 4.8% / 330ml can

Temperature Guidelines - recommendation on the beer temperature to drink at
 Serve at 5-8
 Hallertau Tradition
 Pilsner malt, wheat malt, Carapils
Eye to donate the look of the beer
Nose logo to represent the smell of the beer
 Smooth, light sweetness
Lips logo to represent the taste of the beer
 Fresh, Malty
Knives and forks to represent the food pairing
 Smoked Sausages


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