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Valerio, 5.0% Bottle Conditioned Pacific Pale Ale

Valerio, 5.0% Bottle Conditioned Pacific Pale Ale

Valerio is a vibrant, fresh tasting, tropical Pale Ale. Hopped exclusively with Australian Galaxy, Victoria Secret and Ella to give aromatic flavours of Orange, Pineapple and a hint of spice. Let your taste buds travel to sunnier climes with this clean, easy drinking Pale Ale

ABV 5.0% / 330 ml bottle

HOPS : Galaxy / Vic Secret / Ella

MALTS : Low Colour Maris Otter / Wheat / Caramalt

Vegan Friendly

Bottle conditioning has numerous benefits to the beer in bottle:
- Oxygen reduction, keeping the beer fresher for longer.
- Tighter CO2 bubbles, which gives a softer, more gentle feel in terms of carbonation.
- The beer is reseeded with live yeast; this means the yeast will be busy doing its own ’home improvements’ as the beer continues to mature in the bottle.

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