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A Very Thornbridge Christmas Advent Calendar

A Very Thornbridge Christmas Advent Calendar

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Tis the season to be jolly! (Well almost……)

Go on a craft beer journey this December with the biggest and best instalment of the Thornbridge Advent Calendar.

SOLD OUT - These have started to be delivered so please look out for your courier email

With 25 different beers, this will help you get fully in the festive spirit this Christmas season!

This year we have created an Advent Calendar with sustainability paramount in our minds. The process to produce cardboard and all of the various print processes are incredibly laborious and energy intensive, not to mention, not as recyclable as you may think. We wanted to produce something that didn’t simply house 25 beers in shiny packaging that ends up in the bin and probably landfill, but a creative design using sustainably sourced, fully recyclable and bio-degradable raw cardboard with simple but effective water based ink colour and cut-outs to add a festive sprinkle to a scene from the beautiful Peak District. Furthermore, the individual Advent Calendar beer boxes can be assembled day by day to create a Christmas table decoration depicting some of the recreational sports and pastimes of the Peak District as seen on our new glassware. Once Christmas is over for 2023, you can repack the individual boxes in to the outer and store it away until next year when we will gladly send you the 2024 ‘refill’ beers at a reduced rate to re-use your Advent Calendar packaging.

One thing that won’t change is the incredible range of beers in this year’s calendar (not to mention the bonus present on Day 1)! This year we have 12x330ml, 5x440ml, 6x500ml and 2x375ml Barrel Aged beers! With ABV’s ranging from 3.8% up to 13%, we can guarantee the widest range of styles and a total retail value in excess of £95.00! If that’s still not enough of a teaser and you want to ruin the surprise… here is the actual list of beers!

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